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Quiz the Coaches - Lisa Jackson

on January 09 2018

   Lisa Jackson is a Talent Match Coach based at 'All About You' (previously known as Woodthorpe Development Trust) in Sheffield. Orginally coming from Sheffield; Lisa came from a working class background and started travelling when she went to boarding school in Germany. After finishing school she joined the Army and worked in Germany as a vehicle mechanic on Tanks. Later on she lived in Gibraltar before moving back to Sheffield when she was pregnant with her daughter who now has a son of her own and Lisa has been in Sheffield since. Her career in the advisory capacity started 17 years ago and she has been working as a Talent Match Coach for almost 3years. 

   Lisa has a love for animals and describes herself as a "Dr Doolittle" and was featured in the Sheffield Star as the crazy cat lady (although she now only has two). Before she became a Nannan she volunteered for the Retired Grey Hounds. She recently spent her Christmas in Gambia where she had the chance to meet a whole new set of animals including Rhinos and Crocodiles and has now decided she wants a Crocodile of her own. While she was there she gifted the staff football kits she had arranged to be donated by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club who have now set a team up and play weekly. 

What was your first job?

      Vehicle Mechanic on Tanks for 4th Royal Tank Regiment in Germany

What was your biggest mistake?

      Not following my career dream and becoming a vet when I had the chance. 

What is your favourite thing about Talent Match?

      How it uniquely offers support to young adults. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? e.g. any hobbies?

      Spend time with my grandson ( who BTW is perfect) 

What would you want your epitaph to say?

      "Action" Jackson is "Action" no more

What motto do you try to live by?

      Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

If you weren't working for Talent Match what would you be doing?

      Employment Advisor 

What would your ideal day away from work entail?


What is your favourite time of day?

      The 5 minute just before I jump into bed

What did you want to do when you were younger?


Where would you love to travel to?

       Every country in the world

What is your greatest achievement?

       Anything my grandson does :D :D :D beats my driving test, mortgage, qualifications etc... He points his finger and I burst with pride

What advice can you give to others?

      Whatever you do always give 100% (unless you are donating blood)







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