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How to end your day on a positive note

on January 14 2018

Life can be stressful for most people if not everyone. The day to day tasks and activities can hang heavy on all of us and although we all know that we should remember the positives in our life it is easier to focus on the negatives. It only takes a small thought to get the ball rolling and before you know it you're stuck in the negative thoughts for the evening ready to stay up all night with anxiety and heavy thoughts that leave us counting sheep for hours; was my answer good enough for that interview? Should I have gone out with my friends? Will I get a sanction at the job centre? And at the end of the day you're left with a sleepless night and more worry for the next day. 



Set up a bed time routine and as part of it make sure you have everything ready. It could be having your pyjamas ready, your lights off, a scent spray that helps calm and relax you into a deep sleep. Even things like making sure you'll warm enough so you don't have to start doing things just before you go to sleep. Find a routine that helps with the things you need and set it up. 

Try to write down the positives

At the end of the day try to take five minutes to remember something nice that happened and write it down. Some people like to put it in a journal so they can look at each day, write it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar to look at them all together once it's full or even write them on a piece of scrap paper and throw it away. The action of just thinking and writing something down will help you focus on the nice things and forget the negatives. Just remember they can be anything you want! Sometimes for me it's just someone complimenting me on hair or shoes, or seeing a bird on the way to work ( or if I'm really looking a getting to fuss a dog or cat when I'm walking from the bus stop!!) anything you like. How nice the sky looked or a joke you heard. Anything as long as it made you smile or feel happy. 


Now I know this isn't one a lot of people will want to do but regular exercise can really help. You don't have to everyday it could be just once or twice a week and it doesn't even have to be before bed! But it will help. 

Most importantly just remember that you don't have to go run a full marathon or deadlift three plates. That isn't for everyone. The options can be endless take your dog for a quick walk (if you don't have a dog soothing music that you enjoy and take yourself for a walk), do some stretches or even bring up a YouTube yoga video to follow. The energy that you deplete when you exercise stimulates the recuperative processes when you sleep as well as even affecting you core temperature when you sleep.

I always remember Elle Woods in Legally Blonde “Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don't kill their husbands". And it’s true exercise does help increase positivity and can help set up and settle into routines.  

Turn off your electricals

Report suggest that stepping away from your electricals an hour before you go to sleep can boost how well you sleep and even affect the melatonin hormone you release ( this is the hormone that tells our bodies it's night time). The lights they give out can be distracting at the best of times. 

But it's hard to step away nowadays. We have so much on our phones - social media, books, music even meditation apps to help you sleep! So maybe try building it up in 15 minute intervals, see if you notice a difference and find out what works for you. Something that helps may be doing something else - reading a book before you go to sleep, I try to take that time to talk to my husband about the nice things that have happened (we have a rule for talking about the negatives earlier in the day that helps this), some people even like to play the piano before they go to sleep. Just something you enjoy that helps relax you. 

Send a nice text

Sounds silly but it is said that helping others is a great way to boost your own mood. So this is a twofer hopefully it will help you and it will make someone else feel nice (and who knows they may be having a bad day and have really needed it). So try before you put your phone to the side to send a nice text to someone. Pay a compliment to someone maybe or just say thank you for being there for you. It can be something we all easily forget I do it a lot and try to remember to thank my husband for being there and supporting me or my parents for all they do or even a friend at work for being supportive. 


So hopefully some of these tips will help you end the day on a positive note and get that good night’s sleep you need for the big day ahead.