International Ask A Question Day!

on March 14 2018

What could Talent Match do for you!!!

Every March 14th is international Ask a question day. The goal of it is simple; for people to benefit from asking more and better questions. Questions are a funny thing we often avoid asking them for many different reasons; we're shy, you don't want to bother the person, not wanting ourselves to look silly; there are all different reasons we have for not asking questions. However there are some great reasons for asking more questions too!

Here are a few of the best

Too gather information

Too learn and be able to teach as well

To help build and maintain relationships

Reflect and build awareness on both yourself and around you

Questions can help to set and accomplish goals

Negotiate and resolve conflicts

To help better understand

Questions can be a great ice breaker and way to get to know someone and have a bit of fun in the process

So maybe use today to help calm your curiosity and ask that burning question! There’s no such thing as a stupid question so ask anything; think of the most bizarre question you can and ask your friend! Ask a co-worker you don’t know very well about a hobby they enjoy and see if they can surprise you! OR even ask your Talent Match Coach about any training or work placement opportunities available and see what they can do for you!


And if you want to get more out of international Ask a question day here are some more idea that can help build the skill and become a better question asker.

Keep a journal

Every day think of a question you can ask someone (or even yourself) and write down in a notebook what it helped you learn. It can be as silly or as serious as you want and may help you learn things about yourself and what you want to be able to achieve.

Think about what you want your question to achieve

Think about what answer it is you are wanting. What do you want your question to accomplish? Is it to better understand a project at work or learn something new (this way you get two questions; one for yourself about what you want to ask and then you get to ask your question).

Build your curiosity muscle

The more questions you ask the easier it is going to be for you to ask questions and hopefully answer some from others and eventually it may become second nature to keep asking questions without having to think about it as much.

Ask yourself

Have some questions you could ask yourself every day in your journal or just in your mind. These could also be a great way to help end your day on a positive note which we covered in an earlier blog post. Some ideas could be: What is the best thing that has happened today? What can I learn from today? And try to keep note of what they teach you and what you discover from asking them.


The questions you ask can be an invitation, a request or a missile and not everyone may want to answer the question you want to ask. So think would you be happy to answer the question, is it something they will want to talk about? As well as thinking about what you want your questions to accomplish also think about what impact you want them to have.


So this international questions day get asking!