Quiz The Coaches - Ryszard Szumski

on May 10 2018

Ryszard Szumski known as Reesh has been a Talent Match Coach working with Woodthorpe Development Trust since Talent Match started in 2013 and at Woodthorpe since 2004. He grew up in Intake close to the Woodthorpe area and is passionate about working as a Coach in the area to help young people. 

Now living in the Woodthorpe estate he got involved with the development trust when it was previously known as Woodthorpe Forum and spent two years volunteering for the playgroup where he took his own daughter being the only man in Sheffield studying Childcare at college at the time. He then went on to lead some of the other women through their own certificates. 

Using his own experiences and knowledge of the area he understands why young people get into trouble and how he can help them before it becomes too late. He is engaged and has four children and two grandchildren and happily works up to 60 hours a week even helping young people late at night with their problems. His hard work has earnt his the respect of the young people in his area who appreciate the help of his knowledge and experience.

What was your first job?

  Mining Engineer

What was your biggest mistake?

Not joining BP as a Merchant Mariner when I had the opportunity 

What is your favourite thing about Talent Match

Helping young people to progress

What do you like to do in your spare time? E.g. any hobbies?

  Holidays, fishing, motorcycling 

What would you want your epitaph to say?

"He lived alot, loved alot, laughed alot and holidayed alot"

What motto do you try to live by?      

Treat people in the same way you would expect to be treated

If you weren't working for Talent Match what would you be doing?

   Still helping young people

What would your ideal day away from work entail?

      Get up around 10am, have a lazy breakfast with my fiancée, drive to a nice sunny place on the coast or to a country house, have a long walk, chat, then stop off on the way home at a lovely pub with great food, have a nice pint of Real Ale and go home. Relax on the settee with a film and a nice bottle or two of good quality wine. 

What is your favourite time of day?


What did you want to do when you were younger?

Be an Engineer 

Where would you love to travel to?

Australia & New Zealand for starters...the list goes on

What advice can you give to others?

      The best wat to achieve something is to do it solely by yourself for yourself. Nothing in life is free